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Tasks – How to Create a New Task

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video shows how to create a new Task


Tasks are a good way to create a to do list from making phone calls to visiting properties and making offers.  The tasks system is a basic system that simple and is designed to be easy to use and straight forward.

Each task requires you to enter in the following information…

Task Type – You set this based on what type of task you are performing.  You can choose from one of the following…

  • Call
  • Send Mail
  • Follow up
  • Make Offer
  • Call Buyer
  • Comp Property
  • See Property
  • Task (Use if Task is not listed.  Use description to describe the task)

Date – The schedule date that the task should be performed

Status – The current state of the task.  Possible values include…

  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Cancelled

Assigned To – If you have multiple users in the system, you can select who the task should be completed by.

Description (optional) – Area where you can enter in further details about this task.  Use this field to describe a task that is not listed in the “Type” drop down and you had to select the General “Task” type.

Property Lead (optional)- Select the specific lead that this task is for.  If you are to make a phone call, select the Property lead you will be making a phone call to.  The Contact field will then be filled with the Contacts for the Property Lead

Contact (optional) – Once a property lead is selected, you can then select from the list of contacts to call for that property lead

How To Video

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