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Task Property Form

The Task Property form is where you will find all the information you need about a selected task.  It is also where you will go when creating a new task.  The directions below will walk you through how the form works.

Filling Out Task Property Form


Assign Task To

The person who will be doing the task.  This is a drop down box, clicking the down arrow will cause a list of system users to be displayed.   If you want to assign a task to a person that does not appear in the list, you must create a new system user.  See Create New System User


The current status of the task; To Do, Completed, Cancelled or Postponed

This is a drop down box, click the down arrow will cause a list of the available statuses to be displayed.

To Do:  The task has not been completed yet

Completed:  This task has been marked as completed and contains a Completed Date

Cancelled:  The task has been cancelled.  You will use this status if you want to keep a record of it in the system but do not want it to show up when viewing opened items.

Postponed:  This status should be used if you want to postpone a task but are unsure of when you are going to be able to do it.  Tasks with this status will not show up when viewing opened items.


The actual task that will be done.

This is a drop down box, click the down arrow will cause a list of the available Task Items to be displayed.

Related Items:

For more information about Task Items, See Task Items


The lead that the task is related to.  I.E. Call Fred Davis

To select a lead or change the currently selected lead, click on the lead itself.  The lead is displayed as a blue link button.   After clicking on the lead (or click here to select lead) blue link button the Lead Selection window will appear.

See Lead Selection Window for more details

Start time

The scheduled start date and time of the Task

Datetime picker control.  Pressing the drop down button will reveal a calender where you will select the date you want the task to be scheduled for.  You may also directly type the date into the open field.


The time can be adjusted by typing in the time directly or highlighting the time segment (hours, minutes, seconds) then using the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the time.



How long the task should take.

The duration can be set in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years.   You will set the numerical value and then decide which interval type will go with it.

The below are all possible selections.

  • 5 Minutes
  • 5 Hours
  • 5 Days
  • 5 Weeks
  • 5 Months
  • 5 Years

The values in the database are always stored in minutes, but translated to the interval of your choosing.

More Information

Any additional information that you feel is appropriate, like phone numbers items you may need to bring or talk about…

This is a free form text box with a max of 255 characters


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