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Task Manager

Task Manager is where you will create, organize and see all tasks.  Tasks are events that you create in the system to remind yourself what you need to do in the future.  Three things are needed to create a task…

  1. Task Item
  2. Lead
  3. Person to do the task.

You may add as many New Task Items to the system as you need, but the default Task Items are…

  • Call
  • Follow up
  • Make Offer
  • Call Buyers
  • Comp Properties
  • See Property
  • Generic Task

* Scheduled Mailings do not fall under the scope of Tasks at this time, but may in the future.


What’s Below



How To

Task Filters

There are 3 Task filters that will help you control what you are seeing in the Task Grid; Users, Task Item and Status.


Users: Filters the grid to show the tasks assigned to a specific user.

Task Item:  Filters the grid to show tasks that match the task item selected.  I.E. Only Calls you have to make.

Status:  Shows tasks in the grid that match the selected Status.  There are 3 status types…

  • All – All tasks regardless of status
  • Open – Tasks not yet completed
  • Closed – Completed tasks



Folders are a quick way to show tasks over a given time period.


The current folders in SI Lead Manager are…

Scheduled:  This will show all scheduled tasks

Today: This will show scheduled tasks that are scheduled for the current date

Next 7 Days:  This will show scheduled tasks that are scheduled for the next 7 days

Pass Due:  This will show all tasks that where scheduled that have not been completed by the current date.

Menu Bar (Action Menu)

The menu bar is where you will find all the actions you can take in the Tasks Manager.

Select All: Highlights and selects all tasks in the grid


Unselect All:  Un-Selects all selected Tasks in the grid


Task Completed: Marks the currently selected task(s) as completed


Delete Selected Tasks: Deletes the currently selected tasks from the system


Edit Task:  Opens the Tasks property form so you can edit the select task


View Lead:  opens the Leads Property form so you can view and edit the lead associated with the currently selected task


Lead Search

This search will search for all tasks related to leads that match your search term.  Search is of Owner Last Name only.



Tasks Grid

All tasks that satisfy the Filter, Folder selection and Search Criteria will be displayed in the Tasks Grid.

Task Grid Columns

  • Task: The specific task that is to be done
  • Lead: the lead that the task is to be done for
  • Phone:  lead’s preferred phone number
  • Property Address:  Lead’s property address
  • Scheduled: Date in which the task is scheduled to be completed
  • Completed:  Date in which the task was completed
  • Assigned To:  The user of SI Lead Manager that the task is assigned to.  Aka the person who should do the task.

Edit Task

To modify or edit a task…

Step #1:  Select the task in the Tasks Grid

Step #2:  Select Edit Task… under the Action Menu


Step #1:  Double click on the task you wish to edit


Step #1:  Right click the task you wish to edit

Step #2:  Select Edit Task… from the drop down menu

All three options will open up the Task Property Window


Create New Task

You can create a new task in 3 ways while within SI Lead Manager

Step #1:  Click Create New Task…

Option #1:  See Creating Task Using Leads Manager

Option #2:  Create Task From Tasks Menu

Under Tasks menu item click Create New Task…



Option #3:  Create New Task from Task Manager

Click Create New…

Step #2:  Fill Out Task Property Form


Assign Task To:  The person who will be doing the task

Status:  The current status of the task; To Do, Completed, Cancelled or Postponed

Task:  The actual task that will be done

Lead:  The lead that the task is related to.  I.E. Call Fred Davis

Start time:  The scheduled start date and time of the Task

Duration:  How long the task should take

More Information:  Any additional information that you feel is appropriate, like phone numbers items you may need to bring or talk about…


Delete Task

Deleting a task will permanently remove it from the system.  You will have no prior record of this task ever existing.

Option #1:  Right Click Method

Right click on the task you wish to delete and  select Delete Task

Option #2:  Action Menu Method

Select the Tasks you wish to delete then under the Action Menu, select Delete Selected Tasks

Option #3:  View Then Delete Method

View/Edit the task you wish to delete then click on the Delete link button in the lower left corner of the property window.


Mark Task Completed

After you have completed a task, the system needs to know about it.  Once you have marked the task as completed, it will be time stamped with the current date and time.  To mark a task as having been completed, you can do one of the following things…

Option #1:  Right Click Method

Right click on the task you wish to mark as completed and select Task Completed

Option #2:  Action Menu Method

Select the tasks that you have completed, then under the Action Menu click Task Completed

Option #3:  Change Status Method

View/Edit the task that you have completed and change the Status value to Completed


View Lead

Option #1:  Right Click Method

To view lead details for the task, right click the task and select View Lead

Option #2:  Action Menu Method

Select task you wish to view Lead information for, then under Action Menu, click View Lead

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