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Task Calendar

The Calendar is just another way to view all of your scheduled tasks.  The great part about the calendar view is that you can see all the way down to the hour but also expand the view and see a complete monthly calendar.

The Calendar view’s operation is very limited at this time, but you can edit, delete and mark tasks completed as well as view and print scheduled mailings.

What’s Below




Calendar View Options:  This is where you change the view from day, 5day, 7day and monthly.  There is also a time line view

Date Range Selection:  You can select a specific day to view or a range have days by holding down the control (ctrl) keyboard key while clicking multiple days.

Got To Today:  This will reset the calender so you see the current day

Calendar View:  The area where the calendar will be displayed

How To

Month View

The month view will show 35 days worth of tasks.  Each task is marked with a colored box (color is set by Task Item).



Weekly (7 Day) View

The Weekly calendar view will show the current week and all the scheduled Tasks.  Saturday and Sunday are condensed in this view as the calendar assumes most tasks will be done during the normal work week.



Work Week (5-day) View

The Work Week view is defaulted to only show 5 days, but will show up to 7 days if you select the range from the Date Range Selection area.



Day View

The single day view is where you will go to see the days details.  The tasks are organized and shown by the specific times they were setup for.


Task Functionality

You have limited functionality when dealing with Tasks in the Calendar view.  You can edit, delete and even mark a task as Completed.

* You can not however create any new tasks at this time.   The interface lets you pretend to add a new task, but it will not be saved to the database.   This will be fixed in future releases.

To modify a Task, simply right click the task and select your desired action from the drop down list…


Mailing Functionality

Scheduled mailings also show up on the calendar view.   Like Tasks, there is limited functionality with dealing with mailings.  You can Print, View and Delete Mailings.   You can not create a new mailing from the calendar interface.


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