SI Lead Manager v7

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Lead Selection Window

In certain areas of SI Lead Manager you will be asked to select a lead.  The Lead Selection Window will then be displayed. What's Below Legend Step #1: Select Field Step #2: Enter Search Value Step #3: View Search Results Step #4: … [Read more...]

Advanced Search

Sometimes the quick search isn't enough and you really need to search on a couple of fields in order to find the lead or handful of leads that you desire.   SI Lead Manager has an Advanced Search that you can access by clicking on the Advanced link … [Read more...]

Quick Search

To quickly search for a specific lead you may enter into this area any information you know about the lead to find them.  It’s a search all field and searches ALL leads in the database regardless of the filters you have set. It searches the … [Read more...]

Leads Manager

The Leads Manager area of SI Lead Manager is your hub to all things leads.  This is where you go to find, edit, delete, status and anything else you want to do to a lead.  It is designed so that you can filter the information in almost every way … [Read more...]