SI Lead Manager v7

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Reporting – How to Preview a Report

Version of SILM 7.0 and higher About This video will show you how to Preview/Print a report more... There are certain areas of SI Lead Manager where you can view specific reports (i.e. Property Lead Sheet).  However most reports you create … [Read more...]

Reporting: Campaigns

Campaign reports are centered around campaign templates.   Below is a list of the available reports in this section as well as a description of what you can expect to see. What's Below Response Rate by Campaign Response Rate by Campaign … [Read more...]

Reporting: Leads

Leads reports have to do with all things Leads.  Take a look at what percentage of leads in your system are deals, that you are talking to or have been closed.  Also see a list of who has recently responded and more... Reports Status … [Read more...]

Reporting: Tasks

Task reports have to do with all things Tasks.  Print out a simple one liner report that list all tasks that you need to do, or a detailed version that you can bring with you on a house call and take notes on. Reports Tasks - One Liner Tasks - … [Read more...]