SI Lead Manager v7

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Property Leads – How to Import a CSV File

Version of SILM 7.0 and higher About This video shows how to import a CSV File more... If you have many Property Leads in a spreadsheet that isn't Microsoft Excel, you should be able to save it as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file and … [Read more...]

Contract Templates

Si Lead Manager comes with over 50 useful documents and contracts  (Courtesy of J.P. Moses) that you can freely use.  As always though, get any legal contract looked over by your lawyer to make sure it applies to your state laws.  As well as the … [Read more...]

Letter Templates

Letter Templates are letters created in Microsoft Word (2003-2012) that include place holders.  When printing letters, SI Lead Manager scans the letter templates for these place holder fields (or Mail Merge Fields) and replaces them with the mail … [Read more...]

Create New Envelope Template

Envelope Templates will be used in SI Lead Manager to mail merge a leads mailing address to your envelopes.  You have to create a template for each different sized envelope that you plan on printing to. Just like Letter Templates, you create … [Read more...]

Main Form

The Main form is where everything starts and ends.  You'll enter into each of the SI Lead Manager functions by clicking on the appropriate menu item.  Each menu item has a top item which when click will display, in a drop down style, it's selections … [Read more...]