SI Lead Manager v7

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Assign Tag To Lead

In order to take advantage of the organizational system in SI Lead Manager you must place Tags on Leads.  You can be as broad as you want or as narrow as you want when picking which tags to place on which leads.   You can tag leads when you first add … [Read more...]

Custom Fields Manager

Custom Fields Manager is where you go to create, modify and remove Custom Fields in the system.  SI Lead Manager provides the capability to create up to 30 custom fields for storing extra information related to a lead that is not provided by … [Read more...]

Contract Templates

Si Lead Manager comes with over 50 useful documents and contracts  (Courtesy of J.P. Moses) that you can freely use.  As always though, get any legal contract looked over by your lawyer to make sure it applies to your state laws.  As well as the … [Read more...]

Letter Templates

Letter Templates are letters created in Microsoft Word (2003-2012) that include place holders.  When printing letters, SI Lead Manager scans the letter templates for these place holder fields (or Mail Merge Fields) and replaces them with the mail … [Read more...]

Task Items

Task Items are not the actual tasks, but your task choices when creating a new Task in the system.   SI Lead Manager is preloaded with a handful of Task Items already, but you are able to add addition items as you need them. What's … [Read more...]