SI Lead Manager v7

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Setup – Starting Up SI Lead Manager v7 for the Frist Time

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video walks you through the initial setup of SI Lead Manage v7 the first time you start it up.


The system requires certain data to operate as expected.  This setup process will guide you through so that you properly configure the system.  You will be asked for the following information…

Company Information – General company information, such as Name and Address will be used throughout the system on Reports and Letters.  This will prevent you from having to type in your company information on correspondents.

Email Information – A new feature in SILMv7 is the abiliity to send seller and buyer leads by email to another person.  Also you’ll be able to create an email capture that will scan your GMAIL, YAHOO MAIL or other providers inbox for specific emails.  I use it to scan for new leads that will then be auto imported into the system.

New Account Settings – Before using SILMv7 you will need to setup a user account.  This will enable you to login to the system.  The user account is also used by the system to keep track of who made changes in a multiple user environment.


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