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Settings – How to Edit your Email Settings

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video shows how to edit the email settings that you entered into the system during the initial setup process.


The email settings are used by SI Lead Manager v7 to send and receive emails.  It is recommended that you use an email address from one of the major email providers.  I have verified that the following email providers work with the SILM…

  • Yahoo
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook
  • AOL

You may attempt to use an email account from your company website such as  However it may not work because the provider may not allow outside SMTP requests.

If you choose to use an email account from your website host you will need to know the following information…

  • SMTP address (i.e.
  • SMTP Port Number
  • SMTP SSL setting
  • IMAP address (i.e.
  • IMAP Port Number
  • IMAP SSL setting
  • Email User Id
  • Email Password

Another issue you may have is that the ports used by SMTP and IMAP requests are blocked by your Firewall.  My home firewall does not block these ports, but my office firewall does.  If you have control over your firewall you maybe able to unblock them by looking at your router’s documentation.

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