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Reporting: Leads

Leads reports have to do with all things Leads.  Take a look at what percentage of leads in your system are deals, that you are talking to or have been closed.  Also see a list of who has recently responded and more…



About The Reports

Status Review

Parameter Prompts:  none

Grouped by:  Lead Type

Description:  This report shows the percentage of leads that fall into each of the 7 status types (Prospects, Closed, Talking Too, Oh Hold, Offers Made, Under Contract and Deals) for each Lead Type.

Fields Shown:

  • Total Mailed
  • Percent that are Prospects
  • Percent that are Closed
  • Percent that are Talking Too
  • Percent that are Oh Hold
  • Percent that are Offer Mades
  • Percent that are Under Contract
  • Percent that are Deals

This report is best used during a monthly review of your system to see where you are at compared to prior periods or years.   See that you are making offers on a larger percentage of leads or the percentage of deals is declining.



Parameter Prompts:  Time Period

Grouped by:  Date

Description:  This report shows all the leads that have responded over the selected period of time.

Fields Shown:

  • Date Responded
  • Owner Name
  • Property Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Zip

This report is great to just print out on a weekly or monthly basis to review all the people who have responded.  I go over this list with my partner to see the quality of the responses we are getting.

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