SI Lead Manager v7

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Quick Search

To quickly search for a specific lead you may enter into this area any information you know about the lead to find them.  It’s a search all field and searches ALL leads in the database regardless of the filters you have set.


It searches the following fields for your entered text…

  • Owner First Name
  • Owner Last Name,
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Owner Mailing City
  • Owner Mailing State
  • Owner Mailing Zip
  • Property Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Zip
  • Owner Phone Number


I want to search for all the Leads where the Owner’s mailing address is in New York.

I Enter NY in the search box, and I get a result of…


You may also do an advanced search by clicking on the Advanced Search link button.  More details about Advanced Search.


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