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Property Leads – How to Use the Search Bar

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video will show you how to use all the functions of the search bar and on the Property Leads Tab.


Basic Search (All Fields) – The basic search will search all Property Leads (address, city, county, state , zip) and contacts (name, company, address,city,state,zip).  A basic search will be a STARTSWITH type of search.  Meaning that matches will start with the term you entered.

“123” will return 123 Main St and 1234 Kentucky Ave

If you do a search for “Main” it WILL NOT return 123 Main st because the address starts with “123”.

To do a CONTAINS search, use the wild card character ‘%’ in front of the the term you are searching for.  Using the same example as above, you would do…

“%Main” will return 123 Main St and 1234 Remains Ave

AND Searches – And searches are searches where you are looking for Property Leads that contain multiple search Terms…


OR Searches – Or searches return Property Leads that contain at least one of the search terms. To do an OR search you’ll type in your first term “NJ” then press “CTRL+0 (ZERO)” on your keyboard and then type in your next Term.

“NJ” OR “NY”

Additional notes…

  • Searches are not case sensitive
  • mixes AND and OR searches may not work correctly

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