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Property Leads – How to Change a Lead’s Status

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video will show you the two ways to change a Property Leads Status.


The possible settings for a property lead’s status are…

Prospect – The default status for all leads when they are entered into the system.  At this stage you pretty much haven’t spoken to this lead.  You may have sent them a few letters, but have not gotten a response.

Dead – This is not a prospect and you’ve deemed it not worth your time to investigate or contact again.

Closed (Deal) – You’ve been paid!

Hot – This lead is looking great!  and you are very close to getting this under contract

Warm – Your are either in negotiations with this lead or feel it’s going to turn into a deal.  If I’m talking with a lead then it’s at least a Warm Lead.

On Hold – They lead isn’t motivated enough, but could turn more motivated in the future.

Under Contract – Contract signed and you are  headed towards a closing date.

If you change the status from Prospect to something else, they will be taken out of future direct mail campaigns.  Campaigns are setup only to send letters to Prospects.

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