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Property Leads – How to Add a Tag to a Lead

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video shows how to add a tag to a specific property lead


Adding Tags to a property lead is a great way to categorize and describe the type of lead it is.  By default all leads will be tagged with the “ALL” tag, as well as a Lead Type (Probate, Absentee,etc…) and Lead Source (Court House, Website, Referal, etc…) tag.

Tags you enter directly for a property lead will be called a “General Tag”.

Here are some use cases…

  • Tag a lead with the name of a person  you referred it too.  This way you can later call up all the leads you’ve referred to another wholesaler by using the Tag Filter.
  • Tag a group of leads you imported with the YYYYMMDD that you imported them into the system.  This way you can quickly call them all up and create a campaign
  • Create some custom fields that are linked to specific Tags.  Then assign those tags to leads where you see fit.  For example create some custom fields that relate to rental properties and assign it to a tag called “Rental Fields”.  Then for a property that has rental possibilities, tag it with “Rental Fields” and that lead will have all the Rental Field custom Fields available.

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