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Printing Letters and Envelopes

This help post will walk you through how to print letters and the matching envelopes for your mailing campaigns.

The Campaign Manager contains three main lists of items…

Scheduled Mailings: Mailings that are due to go out
Printed Mailings:  Mailings that have been printed but have yet to be marked as mailed
Mailed Mailings:  Mailings that have been mailed

For more information see Campaign Manager

What’s Below


How To

Step #1:  Select Scheduled Mail To Print

Make sure that the Scheduled mailings are shown, then select the direct mail items you wish to print.  You can select 1 item, all items or any combination of items.

*To select more then one item that aren’t next to each other, hold down the Control (ctrl) keyboard key while selecting the mailings.



Step #2:  Launch Printing Dialog

Once you have the mailings you want to print selected, click on Print Letters from the Action menu.



Step #3: Set Print Dialog Options

Setting the printing options in the print dialog window is fairly easy because there is only one option, which is selecting the envelope you would like to print with this letter.



Do select the envelope, make sure that the Print Envelopes check box is selected and then use the drop down to select the Envelope Template that you want to use.




Step #4:  Print

Print by Pressing Continue


In SI Lead Manager, printing doesn’t send the letters to your printer.  What does happen is that the lead information gets mail merged with the letter (and envelope) template and the results get saved to a word document file.   These files are saved to the folder…

C:\Program Files\Struggling Investor\Silmb6\Printed Letters\ 

Folder Name:  YYYY_MM_DD is a folder that is created for the current date.

YYYY = 4 digit Year
MM = 2 digit Month
DD = 2 digit Day
SN = Sequence Number


Step #5:  View Printed Letters and Envelopes

Once the process is completed you will be asked if you would like to open up the folder where your letters have been printed.  Say Yes.



The folder will appear for you to open up the files and send them to your printer…

Folder Structure….



Printed mailings printed on 3/19/2013…



Step #6:  Mark Printed Items as Mailed

After printing the desired letters, these mail items will be moved to the Printed list…


They will stay here until you manually mark them as Mailed.  The system is setup this way because printing and mailing are two separate tasks and I wanted to keep track of which letters I’ve printed but have yet to mail out.

To mark these printed items as Mailed, select them and then, under the Action Menu, click on Mark As Mailed




Step #7:  Review Mailed Letters

Now that you have completed a mailing, you can review which items you have mailed by looking at the Mailed list.



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