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Main Form

The Main form is where everything starts and ends.  You’ll enter into each of the SI Lead Manager functions by clicking on the appropriate menu item.  Each menu item has a top item which when click will display, in a drop down style, it’s selections where you can pick from.

What’s Below




How To

Leads Menu

The Leads Menu is where you go to handle all things related directly to lead information.   A lead calls, you go here to find the lead and enter information about them.  A lead responds to a mailing, you go here to mark them as having responded.  You also go here if you need to change a leads status, add tags or add new leads.Menu_Leads

3 Sub Menu Items

Manager:  Clicking here will open up the Leads Manager.  This is where you go to do most everything pertaining to a lead or group of leads.

Create New Lead:  Have a single new lead to enter into the system, you go here and the New Lead Form will be displayed so you can enter the new lead into the system.

Import:  Click here to launch the Excel Import wizard.  If you have a bunch of leads stored in an excel spreadsheet, you can you use the import feature to easily get them into SI Lead Manager.

Campaigns Menu

The Campaigns Menu is where you go to handle all your direct mail needs.  Here you’ll be able to schedule new mailings, see which mailings are set to go out today, tomorrow or next month.  You will print your letters and envelopes from here as well.  Campaign manager is the place to go to keep track of all your direct mail.



3 Sub Menu Items

Manager:  Campaigns Manager is the place to go for scheduling and printing your direct mail.  Si Lead Manager organizes your scheduled mailing campaigns and displays them to you in date order so you know when you have to send out your letters.

Create New Mailing:  Clicking here will open up the Create New Mailing wizard which will allow you to create a new mailing campaign based of an existing campaign template.  You will also be able to select which leads you want to include in the mailing.

Template Manager:  This is where you access the existing campaign templates that have been created in the system.  You can also create new templates in this manager.

Tasks Menu

Here you will find all the ways you can create and manage your tasks.  Tasks are user created items such as Call this lead or Drive By House or Make Offer.  To view and maintain these tasks you’ll want to visit this menu item.



4 Sub Menu Items

Manager (Scheduled Tasks):  The Tasks Manager is the place you go to keep track of, schedule and view all your tasks.  Use this feature in order to help you keep control over your time by seeing what you need to do today, tomorrow and next week.

Create New Task: Click here to launch the Create New Task form so you can enter a new task into the system.

Task List:  Click here to add, modify or delete a task item.  Task items are the task choices you will have when creating a new task.  If you don’t see an item you need, such as Generate Comps, as an option when creating a task, you can go here and create it.

Calendar:  Clicking here will open up a calendar view of all your tasks for easier planning.


No Lead Managing system is complete with out reports.  This menu item is where you go to access all the reports in the system.  As new reports are added they will be found here.



Response Rate:  Shows the response rates (Total Resposes vs Sent Mail).  Want to see how one campaign compares to another?  You go here.  This report has three variations: By Campaign, By Campaign Mailing and By Lead Type.

Recently Mailed: This report shows you what mailings have been sent out.  You can select how many days back you want to see.  This report is grouped by State/City


One Liner:  Shows a quick view of all open tasks for the selected task item.  Ordered by date scheduled and grouped by Task Item

Detailed: Shows all the details for a task plus gives some extra room for taking notes.  Each task will start on a separate page.


Status Review: This report will show the percentage of leads in a particular status (prospect, closed, deals, etc…).  This report is grouped by Lead Type.

Responded:  This report will show all the leads that have responded over a selected period of time.  Order By Date


The Templates menu is where you go to add letter, envelope and document templates.  Letter and Envelope templates are created in Microsoft Word, while Document templates can be in any format (Word, Excel, PDF,etc…).



Letters:  Letter Manager where you go to import, edit and modify letter templates that you created in Microsoft Word.

Envelopes:  Envelope Manager where you go to import, edit and modify Envelope templates that you created in Microsoft Word.

Contracts:  Contract Manager where you go to import and delete contracts from the system.  The contracts manager is a great place to store all your contracts so you can access and organize them easily.


Fields Menu

SI Lead Manager allows you to create up to 30 Custom Fields for storing data depending on your needs.  The Fields Manager is where you can manage these custom fields.



Manager:  The Fields Manager is where you create, modify and remove Custom Fields.

Tags Menu

The tags menu is where you go to manage the tags in the system.  Tags are words that are used to describe the leads in the system.  You do this by “tagging” a lead with these tags and the tag manager is where you can see all the tags that have been created.


Manager:  The Tag Manager is an organized list of all the Tags in the system.  They can be seen by Lead Type, Lead Source, General, Status, etc…  Some of the Tags are system tags and cannot be deleted or modified.

Create Tag:  This menu item will allow you to quickly create a new tag with out going into the tag manager.

Users Menu

The Users menu item is where you go to manage all the users in the system.  SI Lead Manager is capable of having multiple users and this is where you add, delete and modify them.



Manager:  User Manager to Add, Delete and Modify system users.


This menu item is where various system tools will be located.


Data Transfer:  The Data Transfer tool is used for migrating data from previous versions to the current version.

Run Scripts:  The Run Scripts tool is used to run script files that the admin may need to run in order to keep the system running.

Settings:  This is where you manage the general system settings


The help menu item contains the different areas you can go for help when using SI Lead Manager.


Online Help:   Posts on about each area of the program.  These pages will be a great place to go to understand how each area works.

Forums:  If you need to ask specific questions or are having problems you can go here to ask the community of users.

About:  Information about the current program you are using.


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