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Leads Manager

The Leads Manager area of SI Lead Manager is your hub to all things leads.  This is where you go to find, edit, delete, status and anything else you want to do to a lead.  It is designed so that you can filter the information in almost every way possible to zone in on the information you are looking for.

The Reason for the high level of filtering is so you can create specific mailing campaigns based off of the lead lists.  You may have a large list of Probate properties, but only want to send mail to those probate properties that are in a certain towns in a county.

Leads Manager will also give you a quick and easy way to view all leads that you are currently talking to, or all leads that you have offers out to.   The possibilities are endless.

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How To

View Selection

The View Selection area of the Leads Manager screen is where you can see a few different types of predefined filter criteria.  To change the leads you see in the Leads Grid, simply select the item in the View Selection.   This is a top level filter, meaning that any other filter you decide to use will be based off of the subset of data from this selection.


All Leads:  This will start you out with a subset of All Leads.    When this is selected with a corresponding “All” tag added to the Tag Filtering, all records will be displayed in the Leads Grid.  So if there are 100,000 leads in the database, you will get them all.  Doing this could slow down the system, so use it only when necessary.

Recent:  Will return all the leads that you have looked (or edited) at some point over the  period selected in the Recent Days filter.

Priority:  Will display all leads that have been marked as a priority by clicking on the Star icon.


Tag Filter

Tag Filter is a powerful way to zone in on the group of leads you want to see.  You add tags to the list selecting them from the drop down list of tags.

Lead Manager Tag Filter

Click here for detailed directions on how to use the Tag Filter

Menu Items

To perform actions on the Leads in the Leads Grid, you select the desired lead(s) and go to the Action Menu or Create New Menu and perform an action.  Some items will be enabled or disabled depending on the status of the selected lead.

Create New Menu



Lead:  Will display the Add New Lead form so you can add a new lead into the system.

Mailing:  Will display the Create Mailing wizard with the leads that you have selected in the Leads Grid.

Task:  This will create a task for the selected lead.  Selecting multiple leads before using this, will result in only the Last Lead selected having a task created for it.

Action Menu



Select All: Selects all the leads in the Leads Grid

Un-Select All: deselects all the selected leads in the Leads Grid

Print Lead Sheet: Will print the lead sheet for the selected Lead

Edit: Will launch the selected lead’s details form

Delete Selected: Will delete all the selected leads from the database and remove them from the Leads Grid.  *Leads will be gone forever

Import: Launches the Excel Import Leads Wizard

Export:  Select this if you want to export the selected leads to an excel or csv file.  Export wizard will be launched.

Tag Manager: View and modify the selected leads tags.  If multiple leads are selected, Tag Manager will show only the common tags.

Change Status: Select this to pick a new status for the selected Leads

Close: A quick way to close a lead without having to go into the Status Manager.

Responded: Tag the selected lead as having Responded to a mailing.  When marking a lead as responded, you will also be asked if you want to change the Lead’s status.

Has Not Responded: If a selected lead has previously been marked ‘Responded’, you may remove the tag by clicking this menu item.

Returned: Tag the selected lead as having been returned.  This is used for when a direct mail piece was unable to be delivered for one reason or another.  You will be asked to pick one a reason why the mail item was returned.  This will also automatically close the lead so you will not mail to this person again.

Has Not been Returned: If a selected lead has previously been marked ‘Returned’, you may remove the tag by clicking this menu item.

Columns To View:  To customize which columns are displayed in the Leads Grid, you may check or un-check the available columns.  This setting will be saved for subsequent visits to the Leads Manager.


Lead Search

To quickly search for a specific lead you may enter into this area any information you know about the lead to find them.  It’s a search all field and searches ALL leads in the database regardless of the filters you have set.



It searches the following fields for your entered text…

  • Owner First Name
  • Owner Last Name,
  • Owner Mailing Address
  • Owner Mailing City
  • Owner Mailing State
  • Owner Mailing Zip
  • Property Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Zip
  • Owner Phone Number

You may also do an advanced search by clicking on the Advanced Search link button.  More details about Advanced Search.

Time Filter

When the Recent view option has been selected, you will have the option to adjust the time from for how far back you’d like to see leads that you have modified.


What is being displayed on top is the current setting.  To adjust the setting, click the drop down arrow and select another time period.  You may also select *Custom to enter in your own period of time.

* Custom option is currently not available.

Leads Grid

This is the area where all your leads will be displayed in a grid format.  All the filtering results and search results will be displayed in this grid.  To see more information regarding a particular lead, you must enter into the leads properties.


To view the leads detailed information you can do any of the below…

  • Double click the on the lead record
  • Right click on the lead and select ‘Edit’ from the context drop down menu
  • Select the lead and use ‘Edit’ under the Action Menu.

Lead Priority Status:  This is an indicator flag to show you which leads you have marked as having a higher priority.  Click the icon to change it between the two states.


Mail Status:  This indicator will give you a visual cue as to the mailing campaign status this lead is currently in.   There are 5 statuses in all, if there is no icon, it means that the lead has not yet been scheduled for a mailing.


Returned: Direct Mail piece was returned to sender for some reason

Scheduled: This lead has been included in a mailing campaign but has not yet been sent mail.

Responded: These leads have responded to a direct mailing

Mail Sent: These leads have had mail sent to them but have not responded or mail has not been returned.

No Icon:  these leads have not been scheduled for a mailing

Lead Status:  This is the general status of the lead.


Offer Made:  Leads with this status have had offers made to them

Closed: Leads with this status are no longer leads and no further action is required

Deal:  Leads with this status have made you money

On Hold: Leads with this status have been put on hold until a later time in which you chose to take action.

Talking To: Leads with this status are leads that you are in current dialog/negotiations with but have not yet made an offer.

Under Contract: These are leads you have under contract but have not yet made money (Closed) off of.

Lead Name: Owner’s full name (Last Name, First Name)  of the lead

Column Sort Symbol: You can sort the Leads Grid by clicking on any column heading.  This symbol will appear next to the sorted column.  Arrow pointing up means a descending sort, Arrow pointing down means an Ascending sort

Owner’s Address:  Owner’s mailing street address

Contact Information: Phone number of Owner

Owner’s City: Owner’s mailing city

Owner’s State: Owner’s mailing state

Owner’s Zip: Owner’s mailing zip code

Address: Property’s street address

City: Property’s City

State: Property’s State

Zip: Property’s Zip code

Date Created: Date the lead was first entered into SI Lead Manager.


Record Count

The record count displays the number of leads display currently in the Leads Grid.

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