SI Lead Manager v7

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Lead Selection Window

In certain areas of SI Lead Manager you will be asked to select a lead.  The Lead Selection Window will then be displayed.

What’s Below




How To

Step #1: Select Field To Search

The very first thing you will do is to select the field you will search within.  This is a drop down style selection.


Search Field Options

Name: Full lead name

Property Address:  Street address of the property

Property City:  City where the property is located

Owner Address:  Street address of the owner (Mailing Address)

Owner City:  City where the owner is located (Mailing City)


Step #2:  Enter Search Value

The next step is to enter the value you wish to search for within the selected field.


After you have entered the value, press Enter on your keyboard or click Search


You may also narrow down the search by entering in another value into the Search Value field and adding it to the search criteria…


Then Pressing Enter or Clicking Search


To Remove and start the search over again, press Remove


Step #3:  View The Search Results

Now it’s time to look at the results…



Step #4:  Select The Lead

Click on the lead you want and press the Select button to make your choice.


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