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Envelope Templates

Envelope Templates are Envelopes created in Microsoft Word (2003-2012) that include place holders.  When printing Envelopes, SI Lead Manager scans the Envelope templates for these place holder fields (or Mail Merge Fields) and replaces them with the mail merge data.


What’s Below

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How To

Envelope Categories

When importing a Envelope template in SI Lead Manager you will assign it to a Category.  These categories will help organize the Envelopes into small groups.


Action Menu

Action menu is where you go to perform the available actions upon a Envelope Template like Editing, removing and viewing.


Edit Envelope:  Opens up the selected Envelope in Microsoft Word so you can make changes.

Remove Envelope:  Removes the Envelope from SI Lead Manager.  Removing Envelopes is not recommended as it will invalidate any Campaign that was based on a Campaign Template that used the removed Envelope Template.

Properties:  Opens up the Envelope Template Properties window so you can edit the description, name,  category, Lead Type or Tags.


Creating Envelope Templates

See Create New Envelope Template


Import Into SI Lead Manager

After you have created the Envelope Template using Microsoft Word, you will need to import this template into SI Lead Manager. To do this, follow the steps below…

 Step #1: Open up the Envelope Template Manager


Click Envelopes under the Template Menu item on the menu bar

Step #2:  Click the Import New… button


Step #3:  Locate and Select Word Envelope Template

Navigate the open dialog to the word Envelope template (.doc or .docx file) that you created.  Select that file, then press Open


Step #4:  Fill Out The Template’s Properties


Name:  Custom name you give to the Envelope Template

Height:  Height of the envelope

Width:  Width of the envelope

Category:  Select existing or create new category to help organize the envelopes

Tags:  Enter in any tags.  Separate each tag by a comma

Description:  Give the envelope template a description.  This will help you quickly remember small differences you have from one envelope to another.

Step #5:  Press Save


Edit Envelope Template

Editing a Envelope template means you are opening up the Envelope in Microsoft Word and making changes.  Once you make changes you do not have to re-import the Envelope.   You can make changes to Envelopes by opening up the Envelope from within SI Lead Manager or opening the file directly.

Option  #1:  The Right Click Method

Right click on the Envelope Template you wish to edit, and select Edit Envelope

Option #2:  The Action Menu Method

Select the Envelope Template that you wish to modify, then under the Action Menu, select Edit Envelope

Option #3:  The Double Click Method

Double click the Envelope Template you wish to modify.


Remove EnvelopeTemplate

It is only recommended to remove a Envelope template if is not a part of a Campaign Template.  Removing a Envelope Template that is current part of a Campaign Template will invalidate that mailing and could cause errors in the system.

Option  #1:  The Right Click Method

Right click on the Envelope Template you wish to remove, and select Remove Envelope

Option #2:  The Action Menu Method

Select the EnvelopeTemplate that you wish to remove, then under the Action Menu, select Remove Envelope

Envelope Properties

A Envelope Template Properties are used to describe and organize the Envelope.

Option  #1:  The Right Click Method

Right click on the Envelope Template you wish to edit properties of, and select Properties…

Option #2:  The Action Menu Method

Select the Envelope Template that you wish to edit properties of, then under the Action Menu, select Properties…

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