SI Lead Manager v7

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Create New Task

You can create a new task in 3 ways while within SI Lead Manager

Step #1:  Click Create New Task…

Option #1:  See Creating Task Using Leads Manager

Option #2:  Create Task From Tasks Menu

Under Tasks menu item click Create New Task…



Option #3:  Create New Task from Task Manager

Click Create New…

Step #2:  Fill Out Task Property Form


Assign Task To:  The person who will be doing the task

Status:  The current status of the task; To Do, Completed, Cancelled or Postponed

Task:  The actual task that will be done

Lead:  The lead that the task is related to.  I.E. Call Fred Davis

Start time:  The scheduled start date and time of the Task

Duration:  How long the task should take

More Information:  Any additional information that you feel is appropriate, like phone numbers items you may need to bring or talk about…

See also Detailed Information About The Task Editor


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