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Create New Letter Template

A letter template is the basis for a direct mail letter.  When creating a campaign template you will assign a letter template to each mail sequence in the campaign.  Using predefined field markers (or merge fields) within a letter template will allow you to mail merge the lead information in the database with the letters when printing them.

In SI Lead Manager Beta 6, letter templates are now created in Microsoft Word (2003-Current).  There is no restrictions on what you can include in the letter, if you can do it in Word you can include it in your letters.

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How To

Merge Field Markers

In order for SI Lead Manager to mail merge with your Letter Templates, you will need to include Merge Field Markers.  When printing letters through SI Lead Manager, the process scans the letter template for any merge field markers and replaces them with the appropriate data from the database.

Below is the list of available Merge Field Markers you can add into your Letter Templates in Word…

  • <OWNER_LAST_NAME>  = Property Owner’s Last Name
  • <OWNER_FIRST_NAME> = Property Owner’s First Name
  • <OWNER_ADDRESS> = Property Owner’s Mailing Address
  • <OWNER_CITY> = Property Owner’s Mailing City
  • <OWNER_STATE>  = Property Owner’s Mailing State
  • <OWNER_ZIP>  = Property Owner’s Mailing Zip Code
  • <PROPERTY_ADDRESS> = Street address of the property
  • <PROPERTY_CITY> = City the property is in
  • <PROPERTY_STATE> = State the property is in
  • <PROPERTY_ZIP> = Zip code the property is in
  • <D_LAST_NAME> = Decedent’s Last Name *Probate
  • <D_FIRST_NAME> = Decedent’s First Name *Probate

To include these Merge Field Markers in your Letter Templates, simply type them in as place holders within the letter.  You will type them in exactly as you see them above, including the brackets…


Example Letter

In the below example Letter Template, the Merge Field Markers are highlighted.  The markers are just manually typed into the flow of the letter.

* There currently is no capability to insert the field markers into letters by selecting one from a predefined list, which then automatically inserts the marker like when normally creating mail merge fields in Word.  

When you are done creating the letter template, you will save it as a normal word document.

  • .doc for Word 2003
  • .docx for Word 2007-2012



Importing Letter Into SI Lead Manager

After you have created the letter template using Microsoft Word, you will need to import this template into SI Lead Manager.  To do this, follow the steps below…

Step #1:  Open up the Letter Template Manager

Click Letters under the Template Menu item on the menu bar



Step #2:  Click the Import New… button



Step #3:  Locate and Select Word Letter Template

Navigate the open dialog to the word letter template (.doc or .docx file) that you created.  Select that file, then press Open


Step #4:  Fill Out The Template’s Properties


Name:  Custom name given to the new letter template

Category:  Either select an existing category or enter in a new one

Lead Type:  Select a lead type that this letter will be associated with.

Tags:  Enter in any tags.  Separate each tag by a comma

Description:  Give the letter template a description.  This will help you quickly remember small differences you have from one letter to another.

Step #5:  Press Save


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