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The create new mailing wizard is where you will setup a mailing campaign for a group of leads.  You’ll select the leads you want to mail by tag and then you’ll pick the details of your campaign, which will be based off custom templates.

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How To

Select Leads

If you launch the Create New Mailing Wizard from the Campaign Manager form or from the Campaign / Create New Campaign menu item you’ll have to select the leads you wish to include in this campaign.

You can also pre-select the leads you want to create a mailing for in the Leads Manager form.  Doing it from the Leads Manager form will give you greater control over which leads you select because you will have access to more advanced filtering tools as well as be able to select individual leads one by one.  See Create New Mailing From Leads Manager.


Lead Selection By Tag

Instead of adding leads one by one to this list, SI Lead Manager gives you the ability to load the leads based off of the TAGS that were attached to them.  For example if I want to create a mailing campaign for Yankee Pitchers, I’d add both the Yankees Tag and the Pitcher Tag.


To add the first tag you select it from the drop down Tag Selection list and press Get Leads. This will display all the leads that have been tagged by the tag.

For adding multiple leads, you’ll want to first decide if you want to add leads that have both tags associated with it or if you want the tags to have one OR the other.  After making that decision you’ll set the AND/OR selection and then add your next tag.

Lead Selection Critieria

As you add more and more tags, they will be displayed in the Lead Selection Criteria area so you know which tags you’ve selected.



If you are not happy with your selections you can remove them all by pressing the Remove button to the far right of the line.

Leads To Be Included Preview

This preview grid will display the list of leads that satisfies the selection criteria.  It’s a good place to review these leads to make sure you have the ones you want.  In the first column you will notice a symbol.  This symbol represents the status of the lead (Closed, Prospect, Talking Too, etc…).

Leads Status Filter

In most cases you’d want to only include Prospects in your mailing campaign because all the other Status types have most likely gotten letters already and have responded.  To filter the leads list to the status type of your choice, you can select it from the Status Options drop down.


When you have finished and want to continue on, press the Setup Campaign button


Choose Campaign

Before you create a mailing campaign you must have previously created a Campaign Template.  Once that has been done, you will then be able to setup your campaigns.  While you are choosing your template you can enhance your tracking of direct mail pieces by adding Mail Tags.


Campaign Template

The very first thing you will do on this form is to select your Mail Campaign Template.  You do this by clicking the drop down button and picking the template you desire.



Campaign Start Date

Step #2 is choosing when you want to begin the campaign, or simply put, send out the first letter.  If the campaign template you selected has a value of Zero (0) for DaysFromStart, then the first letter will be scheduled to be sent on the start date.  If the value is a 7 then the first letter will be sent out 7 days after the start date you selected.



Scheduled Mailings Preview

After setting your campaign properties,  you’ll be able to view a preview of your mailings.  The screen will show the following items…

  1. Sequence Number of the mailing
  2. The Days from the start date that the sequence will be scheduled to mailed.
  3. The scheduled mail date
  4. The Letter that will be sent out.Create_Mailing_Campaign_Setup_Preview

Mail Tags

Mail Tags are design to allow the user to categorize a particular mailing.  I envisioned using mail tags as a way to help me keep track of different mail tests, such as using 3 stamps compared to 1 stamp or a #10 envelope compared to an invitation style envelope.  This feature would allow you to do that.  I don’t use it all the time, but it’s good to have the option.


About Mail Tags

A quick and simple explanation on what Mail Tags are and how I would use them.  Mail Tags are completely custom and you can come up with any tag you wish and add as many tags as well.   You can even use prior created tags to group the new campaign with past ones.

Add New or Existing Tags

This is where you create or select a tag to add.  Simply start typing the tag name you want and the list will filter based on what you are typing.  If you see the item you want, then select it a press Add Tag if you do not, then continue typing out your desired tag and then press Add Tag (This will add the new tag to the system as well as to your list).

Mail Tags To Be Assigned

This is the list of Mail Tags that will be attached to the mailings in this campaign.


Create Campaign

When you are satisfied with your campaign setup press the Create button to make it official and create the campaign.



After you create a new mailing campaign you will be able to view the newly scheduled mailings in the Campaign Manager.

You will also notice that the Leads in the Leads manager will have a new Scheduled Icon next to them to indicate that these leads have been scheduled for a mailing, but have not yet been mailed to yet.


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