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Create Custom Field

You can create up to 30 custom fields.  These fields can be used for any type of information from docket numbers to attorney information.   Here are the steps to follow when creating a new custom field…

Step #1:  Open up Fields Manager

Under the Fields Main Menu item click Manager


Step #2:  Click Create New Field


Step #3:  Give the Field a Name

After clicking Create New Field, a properties window will open…


Field Name:  Where you enter the name of the new custom field

Show on Tags:  This is the list of Tags where the custom field will be shown.  Assigning one of the list tags to a lead will cause the custom field to be displayed for that lead.

Step #4:  Add Tags

Custom fields can be setup to show for leads that are marked with specific Tags, or you can Assign the tag “All” causing the field to be shown for all leads.   If you do not add any tags to the Show On Tags list, the Custom Field will not be available to enter data into.

To add a Tag, Click Add Tag…


Then select the Group of Tags that you wish to see (default is General Tags)…


Next select the tag from the Tag List…


When Tag is selected, Press Ok


To add more Tags, repeat Step #4

Step #5:  Click Save



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