SI Lead Manager v7

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Lead Selection Window

In certain areas of SI Lead Manager you will be asked to select a lead.  The Lead Selection Window will then be displayed. What's Below Legend Step #1: Select Field Step #2: Enter Search Value Step #3: View Search Results Step #4: … [Read more...]

Create New Task

You can create a new task in 3 ways while within SI Lead Manager Step #1:  Click Create New Task... Option #1:  See Creating Task Using Leads Manager Option #2:  Create Task From Tasks Menu Under Tasks menu item click Create New … [Read more...]

Task Property Form

The Task Property form is where you will find all the information you need about a selected task.  It is also where you will go when creating a new task.  The directions below will walk you through how the form works. Filling Out Task Property … [Read more...]

Create Task Using Leads Manager

Creating a new Task when in the Leads Manager area of SI Lead Manager allows you to pre-select the lead you want to create the task for.   You can do this in one of two ways.... Option #1:  Right Click Method Right click on the lead you wish to … [Read more...]