SI Lead Manager v7

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Lead Selection Window

In certain areas of SI Lead Manager you will be asked to select a lead.  The Lead Selection Window will then be displayed. What's Below Legend Step #1: Select Field Step #2: Enter Search Value Step #3: View Search Results Step #4: … [Read more...]

Task Calendar

The Calendar is just another way to view all of your scheduled tasks.  The great part about the calendar view is that you can see all the way down to the hour but also expand the view and see a complete monthly calendar. The Calendar view's … [Read more...]

Create New Task

You can create a new task in 3 ways while within SI Lead Manager Step #1:  Click Create New Task... Option #1:  See Creating Task Using Leads Manager Option #2:  Create Task From Tasks Menu Under Tasks menu item click Create New … [Read more...]

Task Property Form

The Task Property form is where you will find all the information you need about a selected task.  It is also where you will go when creating a new task.  The directions below will walk you through how the form works. Filling Out Task Property … [Read more...]

Create Task Using Leads Manager

Creating a new Task when in the Leads Manager area of SI Lead Manager allows you to pre-select the lead you want to create the task for.   You can do this in one of two ways.... Option #1:  Right Click Method Right click on the lead you wish to … [Read more...]

Task Items

Task Items are not the actual tasks, but your task choices when creating a new Task in the system.   SI Lead Manager is preloaded with a handful of Task Items already, but you are able to add addition items as you need them. What's … [Read more...]

Task Manager

Task Manager is where you will create, organize and see all tasks.  Tasks are events that you create in the system to remind yourself what you need to do in the future.  Three things are needed to create a task... Task Item Lead Person to do … [Read more...]

Quick Search

To quickly search for a specific lead you may enter into this area any information you know about the lead to find them.  It’s a search all field and searches ALL leads in the database regardless of the filters you have set. It searches the … [Read more...]