SI Lead Manager v7

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Software Update – v1.6.17.0

A new software update for SI Lead Manager - Beta 6 has been released. This version includes the following improvements and bug fixes... ***  The download link to the Update file will be emailed to all current users who signed up for the program. … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial Series: Creating Custom Fields

The Video Tutorial Series is a series of videos that will walk you through how to do specific tasks in SI Lead Manager. I will also attempt to answer common questions as well. This video focuses on the process of creating a couple Custom Fields, … [Read more...]

Create Custom Field

You can create up to 30 custom fields.  These fields can be used for any type of information from docket numbers to attorney information.   Here are the steps to follow when creating a new custom field... Step #1:  Open up Fields Manager Under … [Read more...]

Custom Fields Manager

Custom Fields Manager is where you go to create, modify and remove Custom Fields in the system.  SI Lead Manager provides the capability to create up to 30 custom fields for storing extra information related to a lead that is not provided by … [Read more...]