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Campaigns – How to Mark a Mailing as “Mailed”

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video shows how to set a campaign mailing as “Mailed”


There are three stages to a campaign mailing..

Pending – A mailing that is scheduled and has yet to be printed or mailed.  This is the default status for a mailing.

Printed – Once you have physically printed a mailing, the status of a mailing will change to Printed.  This is to let the user know that the mailing was printed and is awaiting to be mailed.

Once printed you may go back and re-Print the mailing at any time.

Mailed – Change the status of a mailing to “Mailed” once you have dropped the letters into the mailbox.  This tells the system that we can advance the campaign and move on to the next scheduled mailing.

You may skip the Printed status and directly mark the mailing as “Mailed” at any time to move on to the next mailing.

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