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Campaigns – How to Create a Letter Template

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video will show you how to create a Letter Template to use in a Campaign Template.


At lead one Letter Template is required in order to create a Campaign Template.

Within each letter template you’ll put Place Holder fields that represent a lead’s information.  Most common fields to use for a letter template are Contact Name, Property Address, City, State and Zip.

You will also have the ability to use Place Holder fields for your Company Information.  This makes it easy to change that out if you were to get a new number.  You won’t have to modify every letter you have created.

Letters can be as simple as a few sentences or span multiple pages.

You can use custom fonts, font sizes, colors and even images on your letters.  Put water marks as well.  The report designer is very powerful and flexible.  It even provides for changing the size of the paper.

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