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Campaigns – How to Change a Campaign’s Status

Version of SILM

7.0 and higher


This video will walk you through the process of changing a campaign’s status.

A direct mail Campaign can consist of one to many different mailings.  At any point during the campaign you can you change the status.

Completed – The status will automatically be changed to Completed upon you setting the last mailing to “Mailed”.  You may also mark a campaign as Completed at any time during the Campaign if you deem it a success.

Paused – If you need to stop the campaign for any reason, but plan on continuing it at a future date, you can Pause it.  The system will keep track of the number of days you’ve paused the campaign and adjust the scheduled mailing dates of all future mailings.  This adjustment won’t be visible until you re-Activate the campaign.

Active – This is the status while a campaign is running.

Cancelled – If you no longer want to run a campaign you can mark it as Cancelled.  This is the recommended approach if you’ve sent out at least one mailing in the campaign.   If no Mailings have been sent out it is recommended that you delete the campaign.

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