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Campaign Templates

Campaign Templates can be considered a framework for a new mailing campaign.  If you are like me, most of your lists will be mailed out in the same pattern with ideally the same intervals.  As an example I send out my probates like this…

  • First mailing goes out with my standard probate letter
  • Second mailing goes out 3 weeks later using my follow up letter
  • Third mailing goes out 1 month after my second mailing using my final letter.

Each and every probate list follows this pattern.  So instead of recreating this campaign pattern I created a Campaign Template that I can just select and have the mail pattern setup instantly for me.

Campaign Templates can be accessed from the Campaigns menu item.


What’s Below




How To

Create New Template

Before you can setup a mailing campaign or send out your first direct mail piece from SI Lead Manager, you will need to creating a new Campaign Template.  Fortunately the process is quick and easy.

Step #1:  Click  Create New… on the Menu Bar

After clicking Create New…  you will be presented with the Campaign Template Editor form.


Step #2:  Give your new Campaign Template a Name

Step #3:  Add your first mailing by click Add Mailing… on the mailing menu bar

You will now see the Mail Item Editor where you will setup the mailing.



Step #3-A:  Select a Letter from the drop down list.  

These letters are the Letter Templates that you have created and imported into the system.  See Create New Letter Template for more information.

Step #3-B: Set the Days From Start Date value.

This value is the number of days from the campaign’s scheduled start date, that this mailing will be expected to be mailed on.  This value is NOT the number of days from the last mailing.  The scheduled start date referred to is the day that is selected when creating a new mailing campaign.


  •  0 days = mailing will be scheduled on campaign start date
  • 7 days  = mailing will be scheduled 7 days after campaign start date

When setting up subsequent mailing sequence numbers the Days From Start value must be greater then the previous mailings value for this field.

Examples (based on Jan 1st, 2013 start date)

  • Seq #1:  0 Days from Start date (mail on 1/1/2013)
  • Seq #2:  15 Days from start date (mail on 1/16/2013)
  • Seq #3:  30 Days from start date (mail on 1/31/2013)

Seq #3 can have a value of anything greater then 16 days.

When completed press Save.

Step #4: Repeat Step #3 (#3-A and #3-B as well) for each new mailing you want to setup

Step #5: Save your new Campaign Template


Delete Campaign Template

Deleting an existing Campaign Template is not recommended.  Doing so will cause all mailings setup with this campaign to be deleted as well.   The only time I suggest deleting a campaign is if you just created it and did not want it any more or are positive you have not used the campaign template for setting up a Mailing Campaign.Campaign_Templates_Grid_Delete

Step #1:  Select the campaign template from the grid.

Step #2: Press Delete on the menu bar.

Edit Campaign Template

You can adjust a mailing template by adding new mailings, removing mailing or adjusting the days from start date for a mailing.  Doing so will not only adjust the templates setup, but also  every active mailing that has been scheduled based off the template.

Add a new mailing to the Campaign Template:  All existing campaigns based off this template will have an additional mailing sent to them.

Remove a mailing from the Campaign Template:  All existing campaigns based off this template will have a mailing removed from there schedule.

Change a Letter for Seq #3 to a new Letter: All existing campaigns based off this template will send out that new Letter instead of the old one.

Change the Days From Start Date value for Seq #2 from 15 to 30: All existing campaigns based off this template, that is on or before Seq #2 will send Seq#2 30 days after the first mailing instead of 15.

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