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Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is your Direct Mail hub.  You come here to see when all your mailings are scheduled to go out, which mailings are needed to be printed and which mailings are printed and waiting to be mailed.

You can easily print letters and envelopes at the same time.  Each is printed to their own Word Document merged with the assigned Word Template.

Other aspects of this manager are top level statistics about Total Letters Mailed, response rate and returned rate.  These stats give you a quick feel for how your overall marketing effort is going and if you need to make a major adjustment.


What’s Below




How To

View Selection

There are 5 different stages of a mailing in SI Lead Manager (Scheduled, Printed, Mailed, Responded and Returned).  You can view the mailings that fall into each one of these stages by clicking on the desired item.


Campaign Selection

Filters what you see in the Mailing Grid to a specific mailing campaign or All campaigns.

View Selection

Changes what mailings you see in Mailing Grid depending on what stage is selected.

Scheduled:  Shows all Mailings that have been scheduled to be sent out.  These mailings have not been printed or mailed yet.  Leads that have been closed, marked responded or returned will not show up as being scheduled for mailing.

Printed:  Shows mailings that have been printed and are awaiting to be marked as having been Mailed.

Mailed:  All mailings that have been marked as Mailed.  

Responded:  All mailings that have been marked as having responded

Returned:  All mailings that have been marked as having been returned


Tag Filtering

To filter what individual mailings you see in the Mail Grid, you can specify which tags you would like to see.   See also Tag Filtering

Lead Manager Tag Filter


Create New Mailing

To create a new mailing campaign, click on this menu item button.  See also Create New Campaign

Action Menu

This is the master controls for the Mailings listed in the Mail Grid.  To print, delete, put on hold or anything else you will select one or more mailings then come to the Action Menu.


Mail Status Controls

Print Letters:  This will launch the Print Letters dialog to facilitate the printing of the selected mail items.

Mark As Printed:  This will mark the selected mail items as printed, bypassing the actual printing of the letters.  Sometimes you just want to keep track of mailings that are being produce by a third party.  use this menu item to simulate the printing process.

Mark As Printed and Mailed:  Click this will move the selected mail items to the finished state of Mailed.  Just like Mark As Printed, this will not print the letters.

Selection Controls

Select All: Selects all the mailings in the Mail Grid.

Unselect All:  Unselects all selected mailings in the Mail Grid

Campaign Controls

Delete Campaign:  Deletes the entire campaign for the selected mailings.  If the selected mailing is part of a campaign that has 7 total mailings, this will delete them all.

Skip Campaign:  This will advance the mailing to the next mailing in the campaign sequence.

Pause Campaign:  This will put a pause on the campaign.  You may restart this campaign at any time.

Re-Start Campaign: If a campaign has been paused, you may restart the campaign by clicking this menu item.

Close Campaign:  To permanently stop a campaign, you can close it.  Campaigns will also be automatically be closed when a lead has been closed, has responded or a mailing has been returned.

Tag Manager

Just like leads, Mailings can be assigned tags to better organize them.  Clicking the tag manager menu item will launch the tag manager.  See also Mailing Tag Manager

Additional Tools

Export Selected:  This will give you the option to export the lead information to a csv or excel file.  This comes in handy if you need to upload the leads mailing information to a third party company/application to facilitate your mailings.

Time Filtering

Use this drop down to shorten or lengthen the time frame in which you want to see mailings.  I like to have it set to 1 week in order to just see the mailings that i have scheduled to go out over the next 7 days.  It will also show mailings that are passed due as well.



* Custom option is currently not available

Lead Search

This search will return all scheduled for leads that match the search results.  Unlike the Leads Search, this only looks for the owner’s last name.


Click on advanced to search on other fields like address, Scheduled Date and Sequence Number.

Scheduled Mail Grid

The place where all mailings will be displayed based off your Search, Filtering and Stage selections.



Lead Name: Name of the lead the mailing is being sent to.

Scheduled:  The scheduled mailing date for the mailing.

Campaign: The campaign template that this mailing is created from.

SeqNo: The current mailing for the campaign.

Additional Functionality 

To View Entire Mailings Campaign:  

Right click on the mail item and select View CampaignCampaign_Manager_Mailing_CampaignTo View Lead Details:  

Right Click on Mail Item and select View Lead Information



The area below the Mail Grid displays three helpful stats for keeping track of your direct mailing campaigns; Total Mailed, Response Rate, Returned Rate.  This data changes depending on what filter items you have set.  Want to see your response rate for a specific tag (like Morris County), add that to the Tag filter and take a look.


Total Mailed:  This is the total letters mailed for specified filters

Response Rate: This is the percentage of leads that have responded to your direct mail.

Returned Rate: This is the percentage of mailings that have been returned and gone undelivered.


  1. Hi,
    Would this software help me generate leads for buyer & sellers.

    • Hi Liza,

      SI Lead Manager will not generate leads for you, only manage the leads that you currently have.


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