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Add New Lead

The Add New Lead form is a quick and simple way to enter a new lead into SI Lead Manager.  It is a one page form that just requires that basic lead information.  You’ll be asked to enter the leads name, property address and mailing address.  All other information is optional.

What’s Below




How To

Required Fields

There are 10 required fields you must fill in before you are allowed to enter the lead into the system.  Those fields are…

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Property Street Address
  • Property City
  • Property State
  • Property Zip
  • Mailing Address
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Zip


Property Address

The property address is the address of the house/property that you have interest in buying.  All these fields are required so the system can properly track and organize the lead.


Mailing Address

The mailing address is the address that you will be sending all direct mail to.  This address can be the same as the property address (you can click the “Same as Property Address” check box to automatically fill these fields in) or it can be different.



This is the area where you will describe the lead by assigning it tags.  The Lead Type and Lead Source tags are required as well as the “All” tag.  You may change the Lead Type or the Lead Source and add additional tags (Custom new tags or existing tags).



  1. I focus on probates, however; I am not sure where I can add the decedent? I know that I can go to the field manager and add information, but I want to merge that information to my envelope via … How do I make this work, or what steps should I be taking, thank you.

    • Hi Dustin,

      Did you see my response on the forum? I’ve just finished the update that allows merging custom fields with your letters and am in the process of uploading it to the server. Keep an eye out for an email about the update.

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